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Esta Descripciòn de la variedad es una expresion individual hecha por , subido el 03.08.2017.

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Las plantas de Cannabis en esta area se pueden plantar Mayo - Octubre. La floracion de las plantas empezara cuando los dias vayan siendo mas cortas.

Jan Feb Mar Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp. frio frio frio frio caliente caliente caliente caliente caliente caliente frio frio
Precip. humid humid humid arid arid arid arid arid arid humid humid humid
Luz del sol 8.8 10.2 11.9 13.8 15.4 16.1 15.6 14.2 12.4 10.5 9 8.3
Pasa x x x x cultivo cultivo flor flor flor flor x x
tiempo de la cosecha en exterior o al aire libre o guerrilla
Principio de Augosto +/- 2 Semanas en climas CmShα en el hemisferio norte.
Zonas climáticas segÚn la clasificación de SeedFinder con datos de 1986 a 2009.

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Auto Sweet Tooth (Bulk Seed Bank)

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Miraculix dice

I'm a beginner and grew this outdoors with about 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. One of the plants only got 2-3 hours of direct sunlight in the beginning and grew distinctively smaller than the others. This small one yielded about 10g of buds (dried).

The most preferable result was one of the plants where I accidentally broke off the main steam in week 5-6, when bending it down too hard. Which is why I'm actually writing this report. You may want to try topping it one time during vegetative phase to achieve a more preferable result.

It resulted in 4 main stems with compact and large/heavy buds. Wasn't able to weigh it yet, but I assume it's up to 30g dried (grown in 8L pot). An acceptable result for only 5 hours of direct sunlight and lots of cloudy days. Most were ready to harvest after about 70-80 days (as far as I can tell). One was ready to harvest about 60 days after germination, but it had lots of sugar leafs and smaller buds. Looked nice, but yield was 15g dried. Maybe also a result of it growing in a 7L plastic pot instead of a 8-11L root pouch. It seems to prefer 11L pots over 8L pots. Visibly thicker stem.

Used small amounts (usually half of what was recommended) of Hesi bloom, Hesi PK13/14 and Hesi Boost on flower soil with 6 weeks of nutrients. Also some soil activating fungi (Trichoderma) and bacteria.

Great plant for beginners. Better yield than the Stress Killer Auto I grew at the same time. Doesn't mind aphid infestation after flowering began. Would grow again.
(03.08.2017, 20:50)