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Nombre: Auto Purple Kush
Obtentor: Mudro Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Floración: Floración automático
~75 días (Desde la germinación hasta la cosecha.)

No disponible feminizadas.

Mudro Seeds - Auto Purple Kush

Royal Purple is pretty neat, and a compact plant is a real royal specimen. This is what makes it possible for all fans of royal luxury to obtain at their disposal a small, convenient and royally prolific plant.

Not for nothing purple color was present in the heraldry of the kings of many countries and empires.

The AUTO PURPLE Kush is fully formed on the 9th-10th week of its development. In the genes of this ruler, the indicator predominates. Maybe he is an Indian king? .. You have to find out.

Concentration of THC reaches 22% - this is a real royal gift, which will try to surprise you this "master". He is generous and rich. He knows a lot about royal gifts, because the yield figures speak for themselves.

Auto Purple Kush is his guest a beautiful and neat bush, dressed in an exquisite "robe" of purple. Easy in cultivation, and not capricious to care, while respecting the basic principles of communication with royalty.

The effect of communicating with King Purple Kush is easy and relaxing. This royal hybrid invites everyone to appreciate their gifts and royal hospitality.

Genetics: Canadian Ruderalis x Blueberry
Contents of TGC: 18-22%
Harvest: Medium
Harvesting from the seed: 2-2.5 months
Height of the plant: 60-100cm

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› Auto Purple Kush (Mudro Seeds)

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