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Auto Blue Amnesia
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Auto Blue Amnesia (Ministry of Cannabis) :: Recensión de la Variedad :: Indoor :: No.43524329835474213 by Sinjin

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Esta Descripciòn de la variedad es una expresion individual hecha por , subido el 19.11.2017.

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Comportamiento durante el crecimiento
Las ramas laterales
muy muy numerosos; promedio a largo así bien fuerte y poderoso.
Las plantas de esta variedad de cannabis...
...pueden colocarse muy juntas. necesitan muchos cuidados. necesita mucho ferilizante. son vulnerables a enfermedades fÚngicas. son suceptibles a los hongos.
...son suceptibles a las fluctuaciones de temperatura. tienen problemas por las temperaturas bajas. ve y crece mas como una sativa.
...están bien adaptadas para cuartos de cultivo muy bajos . una buena eleccion para principiantes. deben ser podadas mucho.
...penosamente crecen cogollos normales en sus ramas laterales.
...pueden aparecer pre-flores durante el periodo de crecimiento vegetativo.

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Auto Blue Amnesia (Ministry of Cannabis)

lo tiene todo junto buena variedad pero existen mejores
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Sinjin dice

Currently in the middle of my first grow of this strain and my first indoor grow. Started the 2 seeds in soil and both came out in 1 1/2-2days. I have one in a 10g bag and the other in a 7g bag to see what I need for future grows. Currently at day #41 and both have been in flower for a while. The transition started around day 24. The first to open is a bit more vigorous than the 2nd and they were at day 36 18" and 10" respectively. I have bent (a little LST) the main stem and minimally trained the branches to expose more flower sites to the minimal light (a Bestva 1500W LED) I have. The flowers are now nicely exposed to the light and I hope for a short flowering period as advertised since Christmas approaches. I have not fed much as I pre-treated the soil with a 5-5-5 and some 10-0-0 dry organic fertilizer along with some sulfur to keep the PH down. I also decided to use some Botanicare Rhizo Blast and Liquid Karma at every watering. I just fed with some Organic dry Bloom Booster and do not expect to use anything but water, Liquid Karma and Sweet Raw for the balance of the grow. I will update and edit as needed in 4-5 weeks about the production and eventual harvest. I have not grown indoors or autos before so I cannot comment on comparisons relative to other strains. From the specs on the MOC website one can deduce that this would not be a prolific strain as the grow time is the shortest I have ever seen stated. Be back next month to update. (19.11.2017, 09:40)