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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Auto AK de Sensation Seeds

Auto AK
Sensation Seeds
interior, exterior
Floración automático
~67 días (Desde la germinación hasta la cosecha.)
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Auto AK by Sensation Seeds is among the most homogeneous and productive auto-flowering plants within the market. Behind this variation are more than four years crossing and selecting plants to accomplish a wonderfully easy-to-grow-plant that's ready in just 70 days after incubation and gives a magnificent harvest. By crossing the finest AK-47 we could find with the auto-flowering genes of Lowryder, we have made a strain that’s the perfect mixture of both. Everything that we loved about the AK-47 has been left unbroken from its lovely aroma and resin crusted buds through to its unique bud structure and incredible potency.

Indoor enactment is so high that it can contend with customary cuttings. Even outdoors with no additional lighting in the summer, 150g per plant is very common. We trust that our Automatic AK-47 is the most powerful auto-flowering hybrid available likewise the heaviest yielder. The cross with Lowryder means that now it can be grown virtually anywhere. Patios, balconies, window boxes, outdoors or indoors; connoisseur grade marijuana is now realistic for every grower.

Odor levels are high, and a lot of flowering females can surely produce quite an aroma. The smell combines the stout smell of AK-47 with the fruity and sweet Lowryder scent and a lime-like citric aftertaste. The consequence is calming, durable and powerful, very appropriate for therapeutic use.

Sativa 35%
Indica 45%
Ruderalis 20%
Height indoor 65 - 80 cm
Height Outdoor 70 - 110 cm
Effect Long lasting, powerful, calming
Flowering Time 5 - 7 weeks
Gen AK x Lowryder x Ruderalis
Type Autoflowering
Yield indoor 425 - 475 gr m2
Yield outdoor 120 - 175 gr
Harvest 9 ~ 10 wks after germination
THC Medium
Taste Sweet, Fruity, Lime-like citric

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