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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Alien Chemmander de Cabin Fever Seed Breeders

Alien Chemmander
Cabin Fever
interior, exterior
mostly indica
~65 días
No disponible feminizadas.

This is a result of mating a colorful pheno of Chemmando male and of Sour Alien. This Chemmando father leaned towards the Mendo Purps side of things, so I knew he had the genes to turn stuff dark, and that's exactly what happened to these Sour Aliens, both strains have great frost and together, AC packs on the trichomes early, bout half way through flower is when you really notice them taking on a jeweled look. and with the color in the background, these are gorgeous flowers.

AC is another nice strong plant, good branching and good yield of great potent medicine, minimal manicuring and ease of growth are a couple of it's attributes along with finishing right around 65 days. It has a light fruity undertones on a strong mechanics rag smell when cured. Also easy on the lungs and throat. (Organically Grown)

Medical qualities include Nausea, Insomnia, Chronic joint or Muscle pain, Menopause & Menstrual cramping , Muscle spasms.

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