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Alaskan Super Skunk
Staykeyed Seeds
interior, invernadero
~53 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Alaskan Super Skunk(Original Alaskan Thunder X Super Skunk) The seeds were gifted to us by a good friend aswell as a few other untested/released strains. The Alaskan Thunder was a clone only from Alaska brought by bush plane pilots, unable to be passed about in the community after it was pollinated with a Auto flowering Pheno Male Sensi Super Skunk. The Alaskan Super Skunk blomms under 18hr light so must veg under 20-24hr light. Citrus/skunk with a Afghani after taste makes this plant a joy to consume, with a heavy stimulation it is sure to please all smookers Medically/Recreationally. there are stashed F1 Alaskan Super skunk seeds that will be bred in the future.

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