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Afgan Kush Ryder

Afgan Kush Ryder (World of Seeds Bank) :: Recensión de la Variedad :: Indoor :: Larga, estirada, rápida floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo #2

Perfil de la Planta sobre la Afgan Kush Ryder (por World of Seeds Bank)

Esta Descripciòn de la variedad es una expresion individual hecha por , subido el 01.02.2017.

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Comportamiento durante el crecimiento
se estira
Las ramas laterales
ligeramente superior a la largura promedio así bien promedio a fuerte.
Las plantas de esta variedad de cannabis...
...necesita mucho ferilizante.
...ramifica mucho , crecen cogollos grandes en sus ramas laterales. responden bien a la poda del tallo principal. las semillas feminizadas tienden mucho al hermafroditismo.

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Afgan Kush Ryder (World of Seeds Bank)
(Indoor; Larga, estirada, rápida floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo #2)

lo tiene todo junto no la recomiendo para nada
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This was an autoflowering seed. This plant nearly ruined my grow of another plant. It developed pollen sacks almost as soon as it developed pistols. It was a true hermie and I had to chuck it about 5 weeks in. During that time I can say

1- DO NOT SCROG this plant. It does not like to be messed with. The branches turn tough really fast and don't want to budge. I don't think it took kindly to topping. It seems this is a plant that needs to just grow without fussing over it. That is if you get one that's stable and doesn't grow big huge pollen sacks immediately.

All in all I won't be growing this again. I did some looking around and there's a lot of complaints about this strain tending toward hermaphrodite. The general consensus is that the bud itself is amazing, but that's if you want to risk your time growing a plant that might grow balls on you. Personally I'd rather grow something stable.
(01.02.2017, 18:44)