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Situado en el Reino Unido (GB).

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  • La calidad del producto: 7.65 7.65
  • Velocidad de la entrega: 8.24 8.24
  • Servicio al cliente: 7.93 7.93
  • Impresion General: 7.94 7.94
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Having done business with Single Seed a half dozen times over the last five years I have always been pleased...until now. Their service is fast and the they follow through on their promise of free seeds with every order. This last batch of seeds were very expensive autoflower seeds and none of them have turned out to be autoflower. They appear to have been feminized as promised but none of them have flowered automatically which has put a big damper on my summer plans. The seeds were all different strains from multiple breeders and since none are autoflower I must assume the worst...They just charged me $20/seed for random seeds they had kicking around.
Estados Unidos Junio 2018 0 9 9 6.00
I order 6 different strains they didnt miss up my order it came a little over 2 weeks had no issues with the seeds and got my freebies I recommend it
Estados Unidos Mayo 2018        
I always use the discreet shipping option and the 3 orders I placed were perfect and arrived within 2 weeks
Estados Unidos Abril 2018 10 10 10 10.00
At least Half beans are bad haven?t popped other pack real disappointed in this order
Estados Unidos Abril 2018 2 8   5.00
Ordered two seeds, They aravied white and dead with no free seeds as stated. Also my card got hacked by someone in Korea the moment I made my purchase. Feeling ripped off!
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018   4   4.00
so glad these guys are back in business. my goto seedbank and was gutted when it went offline. so glad they is back now and better than ever
Estados Unidos Septiembre 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Couldnt be happier.
Estados Unidos Septiembre 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Trying to find out was up with customer service
  Agosto 2017        
60% germination. received a lot of green or tiny dried up hard seeds. now the website is off the map. nothing and nowhere. WTF?
Estados Unidos Marzo 2017 2 0 0 0.67
it is one of 2 seed banks i use i do 95% of my business, great deals has any strain im looking for. Very timeiy getting to me no red flags on there shipments an for my free seeds i get for ordering with them are excellant choices as well IF ANY ONE OUT THERE HAS A PROBLEM GO SOME WHERE ELSE THIS IS A GREAT SEEDBANK !!!!!!!!! Love you guys keep it up
Estados Unidos Marzo 2017 10 10 10 10.00
I received a wrong item and I need to correct it. I ordered from worldwide marijuana seeds but I cant get that website to work. If you are affiliated please contact me at greggbucy@hotmail.com
Estados Unidos Marzo 2017        
My name is Michael S Thomas & I never received my order from the single seed bank world wide marijuana seeds now they are no longer even on the internet website is gone I lost 45 dollars because of them not delivering.
Estados Unidos Marzo 2017        
Dont know what happened to the website its just gone so I dont know what I was sent had to order from some other places Im hoping that I did get what I ordered 90% popped .NHj
Estados Unidos Febrero 2017   6   6.00
Sent payment in January. Received nothing. Websites, social media and email have all gone dark.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2017 0 0 0 0.00
did this place close down? ONly seeds that did not germinate where 2 of of the free ones have ordered 30+ seeds have poped
Reino Unido Febrero 2017 10 10 9 9.67
I have not yet germinated any of the seeds, so Im putting the quality in the middle for now, but service was very quick & when a seed was smashed in the mail, they immediately replaced it, even though it was a free seed! I have ordered 3 more times from this company & would recommend them highly...especially for more expensive seeds when you cant afford to order them in groupd of 3 or 5 or 10!
Estados Unidos Enero 2017 4 10 10 8.00
I received my order in Colorado within the 10 days that they stated. I even ordered on a Saturday so how it arrived in exactly 10 days im not sure. I like the way that they package them also. I will be using them again for sure.
Estados Unidos Diciembre 2016   10   10.00
All I can say is they did me right ,and I ordered for a second time and im very happy ,they are honest, customer service is so fast I got both orders in 5 days ,and were else can I order one of every seed with out paying for more than I want ,ITS HERE ,,I want to say thanks again ,,you guys are awesome
Estados Unidos Noviembre 2016 10 10 10 10.00
I will continue to use this company. Prices are fair and they ship freebies that are very good quality and speed of delivery was excellent. I really like this group.
Estados Unidos Septiembre 2016 9 10   9.50
Notified by email they received payment. Never go conformation when or if order shipped. Email said to reply if any questions. I did many time with no reply. I should of stuck with Castle seeds.
Estados Unidos Julio 2016     0 0.00
free ones was nice and good seeds and the mailing was great as it come as beads for stringing
Estados Unidos Julio 2016 6 7 7 6.67
So far having ordered 2 orders from them to Colorado and they make it without a hitch. Very well packaged compared to a lot of the others and I prefer their method much more. It keeps it legit and has no reason to be inspected at all unless they are tipped off by someone or something I am sure. I have not had to ever deal with their customer service so no idea how that is. It takes about 10 days for shipment to get to me from the time they send the delivery update.
Estados Unidos Marzo 2016   8   8.00
They do a great job of shipping. It is in a nice safe package and they make it look good. I am starting to prefer them over Herbies. I am testing them both out and ordering at the same time. I will continue to update over the next month or 2.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2016 10 10   10.00
Two different times I was shipped Speed seeds and Flash seeds. They were dead. Trust me its not my skill level. When I emailed them I was told to contact the breeder. Right lol. The only one I could find contact info on was Flash seeds. I emailed them three times and no response. Its a shame no one is interested in doing the right thing.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2016 0 9 0 3.00
 First 2 orders were fine with fast delivery. The third time the order is M.I.A. emailed them and said the order only had 2 bills, no coins. They said it might be delayed in holiday mail, come on almost 3 months ?? Need to change their ad about no money lost. Estados Unidos Enero 2016        
 Order two seeds on july 28th and never arrived ubtill september 10th! the single seed centre Septiembre 2015 0 0 10 3.33
 Credit card and fast shipping to usa.   Junio 2015 9 9 9 9.00
 I have tried many seed banks and they are easily the all around best. They ship anywhere and guarantee your order to arrive at no additional cost. And using the 10% off discount code: "DREW", they are the most inexpensive USA Abril 2015 9 9 9 9.00
 Opted for stealth,package in bubble wrap envelope 10"x8"approx. Opened on one end, sealed with usps seal sticker, opened at customs, product was taped to 2 pieces of 18" foam, semi -ridged backing on 1 side, stamped on front of envelope," opened package usps", now Im probably on their damn radar!! Product looks intact, all in individual ziplock bag with small piece of packaging inside, taped to the foam, Should be stealth packaged better for sure, email updated along entire journey, be patient, will update later. usa Marzo 2015   8 9 8.50
 Ive order from the single seed center over 10 times, they are great, never lost a package or anything like that, seeds always germinated. recently i ordered from them and the cops intercepted it and came to my door to question me, luckily i put a fake name, nothing happened but i just wanted to write a review just to let people know. other than that they are great, i would never order from another seed bank just cause these people are great, reliable, and ive ordered from them alot, also could be i ordered from them so much that the cops got suspicious, but idk   Marzo 2015 9 9 6 8.00
 Looking for quality singles seeds or packs of quality souvenirs with great service, fast delivery and excellent packaging? Look no further, Single Seed Center has it all. I've purchased five separate orders now from Single Seed Center. Once I accidentally purchased an auto flowering souvenir and wanted Regular Feminized. Contacted the Center right away to let them know about the mistake I made. They promptly corrected the mistake before shipping and received my souvenirs in 7 days. Very happy!
Always as soon as you receive your package look through your order as once I ordered a regular souvenir and received a feminized souvenir instead and that is being replaced after sending a photo of the actual packing, letting me keep the feminized souvenir (more expensive)! They?re very prompt in addressing any problems that you encounter. Wow! AAA+++ Service! I will be doing business with The Single Seed Center again!
  Marzo 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Ive ordered for 3 years. Always prompt delivery, great strains, they fully replaced one variety that I had poor germination. A five star company, highly recommended Single seed center Enero 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 I ordered 5 Auto Assassin seeds and received only 4 (after triple checking) they also sent free seeds. I emailed, they contacted me, apologized and in about 10 days (I am in the US) I received the missing seed AND 2 free seeds! They, of course, paid shipping. I will order from them again.   Diciembre 2014 10 6 10 8.67
 Ordered on 10/5, arrived in Colorado on 10/11. Discreetly, very well packaged, delivered by Royal Mail. The four strains I ordered and 2 free strains were all well labeled and protected in transit. They have custom fir pads that go perfectly into the envelope they use, all bags were taped into place and had the strain name printed onto a label (not hand written.) Colorado, USA Octubre 2014   10   10.00
 Fast delivery all seeds popped The single seed center Agosto 2014 9 10   9.50
 Aside from the ridiculous shipping charge this bank is pretty good. Prices are right on point and you can get almost ANY seed as a single. Customer service this order was awesome. Again, Aside from the shipping cost ($15usd) this place is a great shop. On a side note; they do give you freebies which should offset the shipping price. cheers   Abril 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Ordered a few single seeds... same order I sent from Attitude and was confiscated in Dec 13.

PROMPT delivery, good price, several freebies. Id order again from them!!! Easy to navigate web site! 10/10!!
USA Marzo 2014 10 9 9 9.33
 I posted a previous review and since have used several other seed banks. TSSC will deliver what you order and are fast but seeing other seedbanks prices and quality compared to TSSC I wont order from them unless its a must have hard to find strain I cannot get anywhere else. They do have the biggest in stock selection of anyone but I think they dont store them correctly or have old seeds. 75% germination rate on average and I have had some hermaphradite problems. I would reccomend a cheaper more consistant seed bank like Herbies that has the pick and mix as well. With more frrebies, lower prices and higher germination rates. Also Sannies has their own strains that are top quality Genetics for an 1/8th of the price and plenty of interesting freebies. United States Marzo 2014 7 8 5 6.67
 Great stealth delivery. Fast shipping. Quality product and exactly what you are expecting to receive. Will definitely be ordered from them again when Im ready to look for another strain. USA Marzo 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 All orders popped.. 65$ order 30$ plus in free seeds.. free seeds were top of line.. Will return 5stars! Will return   Marzo 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Very quick, have ordered 4 times previously and seems to be quicker (less than 10 days). One seed was missing from an order and it was replaces ASAP in next order.   Marzo 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Beans arrived in US in 8 days from UK USA Diciembre 2013 9 10 8 9.00
 Very good selection. Germination rate was close to 100%.
All the strains did well, except the freebies.
They were junk, as far as Im concerned. I ordered all sativas and the freebies were one awful indica and an autoflower that never germinated.
Im assuming theyre free because theyre from old seed batches etc. I would be really nice, considering how expensive their prices are, to have the freebies match your order.

Still, All the strains I actually ordered did exceptionally well in ever single aspect.

Thats important because the prices are expensive in my opinion. Shipping was fine, not very fast (2.5 weeks to East Coast US).

I liked the stealth packing. Also like the triangle clipping in each mini-ziplock, so I know which seed is which. The mini-ziplock bags are labeled, it just made me feel a bit more secure and I actually use the triangle cutout on my 5 gallon containers.
I didnt need to use Cust service so I have no idea.
All in all, better than most, since I did a huge amount of research before trying an unknown source (unknown to me at the time).

Everyone on the forums seems to have their own very strongly held opinion of the major seed sellers, Single seed was the only source that really had NO negative reviews, other than the prices, so I had to took a chance on them. I couldnt afford a second order.

Im currently growing clones (of clones) from the FIRST order (Nov 2011!) right now and theyre doing extremely well!

Im about to place new order. I just wish their prices were better, but one old-timer on a forum suggested I pay the higher prices and use them, to get exactly what I wanted, which is what happened. I highly recommend them. No BS, you get what you pay for, and the health/germination/growth of the paid-for seeds was top notch.
Maybe next time Ill have better luck with the freebies.
  Octubre 2013 10 7   8.50
 Other than it taking 3 weeks to arrive, I would order from them again. Also I thought the stealth was pretty good.   Septiembre 2013   6   6.00
 Always get exactly what you order an 2 freebies. Never had any problems so customer service wasnt needed. Easy to use website with more strains than anybody even Attitude. Seeds are not very stealth just stuck in a case and sent out. 6-13 days to USA and seeds dont come in breeder packs plastic bagginess labeled with a cut of the breeders pack even if you order 10-12? Very reliable only problems are the prices are a little high and germination rates were low on some strains. TH seeds all germinated got 1 free sage & sour fem TH seed was one of the best strains ever so could be the breeder or old seeds? Dont be discouraged though their very legit.   Septiembre 2013 7 8   7.50
 Very nice selection, decent prices.
Had an issue with some of my order being delayed due to stocking issues. Not only did they let me know right away about the delay, they sent many extras to make up for it.
Good people to deal with.
USA Agosto 2013 8 8 10 8.67
 No Issues, competitive pricing and you are able to pick and mix. Decent freebies and weekly sales if you are on there facebook page. Seeds were as promised. Can not comment on customer service, I had no issues. Reino Unido Abril 2013 10 10   10.00

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