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Pago por: Transferencia bancaria, Efectivo, Tarjeta de credito
Situado en los Países Bajos.

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  • La calidad del producto: 8.35 8.35
  • Velocidad de la entrega: 8.55 8.55
  • Servicio al cliente: 8.33 8.33
  • Impresion General: 8.41 8.41
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Sannies Shop esta en la lista como "verde" en el SeedFinder. Esto significa que que absolutamente puede recomendar este banco de semillas. Por cierto... Esta empresa se muestra como un criador en el SeedFinder...

Direct from the breeder. They only offer Seeds by: Sannies Seeds, Breeders Choice, Basic Seeds and Motarebel Seeds

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Im very satisfied with Sannies shop. Lots of good genetics to be found. Customer service is 100%, Sannie has ALWAYS replaced my missing orders - but he does ask to wait 3 sometimes 4 weeks for delivery. Delayed orders are not the fault of Sannies shop, sometimes things get stuck in Customs... It happens. Freebies selection is a great treat also, fun strains that wont be found anywhere else. Prices are low & fair, keep an eye out for price drops during holiday sales. I would not hesitate to buy from Sannies. Good shop, good beans, good prices.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2020 10 5 10 8.33
1st time ordering, played by bitcoin, seeds reliably showed up, vegged one to check if I got what I actually ordered (ducksfoot), and it was. Saving the stock for now. Sannies is cool in my book
Estados Unidos Diciembre 2019 7 10 10 9.00
Immer wieder gerne bei Sannie! Hat des öfteren geniale Landrassen im Shop. Support einwandfrei, von daher ein TOP !!
Alemania Octubre 2018 0 10 10 6.67
Killing Fields seeds were white and immature, several crushed. Contacted Sannies Shop and was told it was my problem they wouldnt germinate. He then offered me half my money back in credit (!) and tried to sell me a germination chamber (LMAO). What I ended up with instead was good and germed fine but Ill never order from these guys again.
  Septiembre 2018 0 7 0 2.33
ordered a few strains. sannies seeds were bad quality. they were not fully ripe. every pack i ordered at least one seed was crushed.
  Agosto 2018 4 10 7 7.00
Sannies strains are excellent. His Kolossus and Shackzilla are two good examples of strains that are very easy to grow, produce big harvests and pack a punch.

Ive made numerous purchases(money in the mail)with the shop and never had an issue until this last one. I ordered two packs of Madberry but only received one. Contacted the shop about the problem and they took care of it quickly. My only complaint is that their communication could be better.
Estados Unidos Agosto 2018 10 9 8 9.00
Ive ordered numerous times (money in the mail) from Sannies and never had a problem until the last shipment. I paid for two packs of Madberry seeds but only received one. Contact the shop to let them know there was a problem, and they took care of it within a few days.

If youre looking for a great strain to grow try either Shackzilla or Kolossus. Both are easy to grow, respond to training well, and have outstanding yields/effect. Kolossus takes to mainlining like a champ!

Herijuana is the only strain from Sannies that I didnt care for. The yield was low and the high was bland. Wont be growing that one again.

Estados Unidos Agosto 2018 10 9 9 9.33
Difficulty in delivering but great response...took more time, another prompting, positive response to retry & came through....he always has.
Estados Unidos Junio 2018 9 1 10 6.67
I ordered a few seeds and organic stuff by recommendation of trustworthy growers.
I sent cash and the delivery was very fast, from sending the cash till recieving my order only 8 days were needed (Germany - Netherlands).
I am a little sad about the fact, that they did not answer on any of my requests, though I used the contact sheet on their webside and regular e-mail.
There was not too important stuff to be cleared, but a short answer would have been nice.
The quality of the Bio-Sannie organics is outstanding, that is for sure and has been proven by a lot of people in a lot of different setups...
  Marzo 2018 10 10 1 7.00
Ich habe bei Sannies schon öfters bestellt. Die Preise sind gut und die Genetik auch. Bisher immer mindestens 9/10 Samen gekeimt.
Alemania Marzo 2018 10 10 7 9.00
Nach meinem Geldeingang war das Packet innerhalb 2 Tage hier. Mittlerweile habe ich 4x bestellt und warte im Schnitt die 2 Tage nach Eingang des Geldes.
Alemania Enero 2018 10 10 10 10.00
Well I gave 4 stars to quality because in the past I have gotten some decent genetics that had a lower germination rate than Im used to getting through other breeders and Seedbanks. Up until the last few orders Dannies had 50-60% germination rate on avg. and I have a good method that usually gets 100% and Ive been doing this a very long time. Have never been blown away by anything sold at Sannies but the last 2 orders they stopped taking credit cards so I sent cash. Both times my cash never made it so even though your paying a little less if u cant get anything for your cash then I suggest looking elsewhere. Was bad enough getting the tiny weak seeds and struggling to get a healthy pheno I liked now sannies just takes your cash and laughs I guess. If you look at the seed banks you will find the Underground Originals, Elemental seeds and dynasty and see the breeders at sannies using the big Seedbanks now so save your cash and get a better source. Well now all who try to order will donate funds directly no Sannies new fanny pack of your cash.
Estados Unidos Junio 2017 3 3 1 2.33
Germination difficile avec chesseberry haze et mad scientiste. 80 pour 100 de graines mauvaises et gogoles !
Francia Junio 2017        
Problemes de germination impressionnant .
Guayana Francesa Abril 2017        
Les graines ne germent pas ,3 sur 10 . J ai perdue plus de 170 euros . Suis tres tres decue.Galere pour obtenir une petite compensation, 10 fem, mais germeront-elles ?
Guayana Francesa Abril 2017        
la qualite des seeds est tres irregulieres ainsi que la germinations. le services à la clientele est negligé !!sur 40 seeds chesseberry haze, 13 ont germees !!Sur 10 sugar punch 3 ont germees dont 1 completement herma en flo . Tres decu !!
Países Bajos Marzo 2017 3 7 1 3.67
Ordered Killing Fields. Pale seeds, 3 didnt pass the pinch test. None of the others germinated. All freebies from this order did as did 90% of the other 100 seeds I sprouted that year.

Contacted Sannie and not only did he only offer me a partial refund, he tried to sell me one of his domes. I have been growing from seed for decades and have never encountered this method or seen a seed that needed it. The seeds were obviously premature and possibly old and blaming it on the customer is a surefire way to make sure to never get their custom again.

Used the partial refund to acquire a better strain which is the only reason I can rate the product quality a "5". Customer service is practically non-existent. You dont blame your customer for your sub-par merchandise, especially if they are a professional horticulturalist.

Jut a friendly reminder that no seed in the world needs a humidity dome or any of the extras Sannie tries to sell you. Source: been growing world class cannabis for decades.

Never again.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2017 5 3 0 2.67
Have ordered several times from sannies. Keep forgetting to post. Delivery speed is based on mail sooo... product quality is excellent, virtually always 100% germination.THC concentration may be a little high in its estimate, but great genetics. lost a delivery to border services, I emailed a copy of the letter from them to sannie and sannie resent my order, free of charge!! Excellent business, great prices and service! 5 stars
Canadá Febrero 2017 9 9 10 9.33
Sannie is the worst horrible customer service. First order I received almost everything was smashed. Packaged piss poorly. He finally responded to my emails and was very rude. He is supposedly trying for the 3rd time to resend me some viable seeds. First two re-sends never arrived. I doubt they even sent them. If you want to throw away your money and get very upset doing it, order from Sannie! You will never get worse service!!
  Enero 2017        
Ordered Aug 3rd, received package Sept 6. I ordered 10 Herijuana seeds. I received 11, 9 of them the size and color of millet grain. Small, light green - beige, soft, non-shiny shell. Two of them qualified for midsize, and even had a couple of dark stripes. These two actually germinated in a paper towel, but never popped up after transfer to seedling plug.
I also received four bonus seeds, which looked a little better, but I had to give them away. They were sativa dominant, while I suffer from insomnia. Youd think that Sannie wold have the common sense to send you something similar to your purchase, not the total opposite. Whatever... I never asked for bonus seeds, I would be happy if I could at least have the ones I paid for.
I know Sannie has good reviews. Perhaps Sannie sends the real seeds to select customers, and garbage to others.
I sent him an email, and he replied with a link to a germinating tutorial page. I have been growing for 35 years, but I never wasted time trying to germinate any seeds the size and color received from Sannie. I just throw them away. Since I paid for Sannies, I had to give them a chance.
Estados Unidos Septiembre 2016 0 1 1 0.67
Very good! They anser the emails when youve questions. Im very pleased!!!
Países Bajos Septiembre 2016   7 6 6.50
Sannies sent my order. I never got it, they sent a second order for no charge, I never got it either. By the time I was willing to try for "3rd times a charm" and eventhough 2 of the items were now outta stock, I was able to easily pick subs, and still got my CHEM x Headcandy cross. Germ rate Chemdog x Headcandy 4 of5...Spider bite v2 7 of 10 ...
And Afgancitral (APCK) 4 Of 8:^(
Overall...the genetics and the service are legit. Sannie,Dynasty,ESKO,U.S.C. GREETERS CHOICE AND NAW (POLDER AND RHINO) YOU ROCK!
Ive already have another order ready. After I run my Harlitsu and OG RINGO from sohum. Ill be running HEADCANDY, and hopefully Soliloqueen
Estados Unidos Julio 2016 8 8 10 8.67
Fast, stealth shipping,goodprices for great genetics... recommend this shop over in other... again great genetics, herijuana (great strain)
Estados Unidos Junio 2016 10 10 10 10.00
The genetics from Sannies is top notch. Quite the impressive list of breeders over at Sannies seed shop. I "highly" recommend them... see what i did there? lol
Estados Unidos Abril 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 I spent 100.00 dollars on seeds that I never got from this company I would never buy from them ..I sent them multiple emails and they dont even mail you back because they got there money they dont give a are just another number to them...DO NOT SEND CASH IN AN EVELOPE TO THIS COMPANY ... Países Bajos Abril 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Everything was just perfect...   Marzo 2016   10 10 10.00
 Great in every way. Sent cash in envelope and got 20% off my order plus freebees. Super cheap beans and superb genetics - easy to grow, potency and yields. For example Sugar Punch - great smoke also for long-time smokers. Sannies genetics quite outperform other strains on the market. Here is no risk to find keeper in pack of seeds.
Never had a problem with getting my order maybe cause we are in europe.
Highly recomended to all.
  Marzo 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 So I first ordered seeds from when my empty letter arrived I was told I was a liar and that I got my order. Very unprofessional and frankly a waste of $177. After not receiving my order from Annies I was worried, we go again. Sannie responded to all my emails promptly and resent my order. It arrived very fast with a nice bonus. Im as excited about the bonus as I am with my order! First rate all the way. It was my first time ordering, but definitely not my last. Safe and dependable. Estados Unidos Febrero 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 canada. lost one ship to customs. sannies sent it again free with a customs letter of impoundment. 100% germination. they even sent more babies than i ordered. Sannies? Yes!!! take that chance. excellent genetics also.   Diciembre 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Ive placed three orders over the past two years and havent had any problems. Cash-in-envelope worked very time.

If you looking for a highly potent, easy to grow strain then Shackzilla is for you. No matter how much I abused that plant, and that was a lot, it kept growing. Great strain for new growers and old stoners. Peace!
  Diciembre 2015 10 9 9 9.33
 I have no complaint all seed germinated. The Jack Herer wasnt as strong as Id hoped but the herijuana was great   Octubre 2015 9 9 9 9.00
 Ok sannies was legit and great till they stopped taking credit cards. I think they are using some kinda credit card third party company now Im not sure but anyways after 5 perfect orders and tons of freebies of dank genetics at cheap prices then no cc credit cards changed it all. I sent cash for $34 on a strain to try it out. Well sannies never got the cash an I never got it back. So I placed another cheap order and it made it. I got what I paid for and 5 freebies of a strain I didnt ask for nor was it on the the free seed menu or the regular order menu. The seeds I ordered were a cross of cheese x cindy99 x romulan x Santa Maria called Boudica. I also ordered TGA subcools Cheesequake from another place. Cheese quake is made from Cheese x Romulan x Cindy99 x Querkle. Almost the same strain. I ran them side by side and TGAs line blew away sannies similar strain in every way possible from taste to yield to looks and especially growing they left sannies cross in veg with tiny stems and the slowest growth ever. It looked like a corvette next to a Pinto or a light next to a match flame in comparison to TGAs. Well b4 I realized this I ordered killing fields and a few other strains from sannies but again my cash never arrived and didnt come back to me either and this time I sent a lot more cash. All I got from sannies was that sux when I asked if they had recieved payment and told them I sent it a month earlier. Read this review with an open mind I could have had some bad luck with the postal service and gotten a batch of inferior seeds but its ruined it for me after losing all te cash and not getting the quality Im used to from sannies. Thats a lotta bad luck though. ??? Cali Agosto 2015     5 5.00
 Erste Bestellung! Lief alles TOP!! Bonusseeds + Spongepot gabs dazu! THX Deutschland Julio 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Ordered Herijuana regular seeds. Got 12, Rather than the 10 advertised. Plus 5-Chemistry (Chem-D x Mystery strain; actually-Killing Fields). Both great strains. Had wanted Herijuana for years+couldnt have gotten a better deal. The Chemistry really surprised me. Very large calyxes+trichomes. Excellent customer service. Sannie replied to any e-mail I sent+seemed interested in my one Hero pheno. Real deal. Real breeders with passion. Customer for life.-Bud Karma
  Julio 2015 7 7 7 7.00
 Mailed cash half expecting to be ripped off. My order came promptly, but was missing a couple items (it was a complicated order). One email and the missing items arrived from Holland to my door in the US a week later, no fuss. I wish everyone I do business with was that honest and responsive.   Junio 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 I dont know about those who BAD-MOUTH and say that sannie is a rip-off...?? IF SANNIE HAS TRIED 3/THREE times to get you the product...then i believe youve ripped him off BECOUSE SANNIE NEVER FAILS!!
Ive ordered from sannies three - four times over the past few years and i MUST say that sannies are/is the most reliable breeder/distributor i have had the pleasure of trading with (seeds for cash)...PROMT..RESPONSIVE..and rather GENEROUS (FREE-Bs) and the products/strains are IMPRESSIVE more so than some of these so-called CUP WINNERS..??no names!!!SANNIE KEEP UP THE GOOD
UK Junio 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Good genetics but bad ratio of males to female. And the female seeds all. Turn male. sannie Mayo 2015 7 4 8 6.33
 They answered me fairly quick on email. But stopped replying to me. Said they done two reshipments so... 3 shipments never made it I dont think so there ripping people off. Sucks I have heard nothing but good things about sannies thats why I chose him. sanniesshop Abril 2015 6 6 8 6.67
 When sannies seed shop would reply to my emails he was rude! I never got order an he stopped replying.   Marzo 2015 6 6 10 7.33
 Swift and stealthy delivery. Havent had the opportunity to sample the final product yet, but there seems to be consensus that this is the good stuff! USA Febrero 2015   10 10 10.00
 Was a little sketched out about sending cash in the mail, But it was no big deal. Got what I ordered plus some freebies. Would order from again for sure! Good shop to check out... USA Febrero 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Der Shop+ Breeder der Wahl kann ich nur sagen!!=-Besser gehts nicht:-Ich gebe 12 von 10 Punkten,-weil es nicht besser geht von der Qualität,persönlicher (-super)Support ,die besonderen Freebees die zur freien Wahl stehen und sehr tolle und edle Genetiken dabei verwendet+ der superschnelle und sichere Versand+ noch nen Root-Pouch dazu geschenkt ;)
+die 2 verlinkten Foren,-wo man alles über die Strains erfahren kann,-samt Growberichte (English/Nl)
-Nun bin ich erst mal auf den Indica-Mix von Sannie gespannt+ die Huckleberry-Kush (Dynasty-Seeds) und die Anestesia (Breeders Choice)+die Freebees ;)
D Enero 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Super Laden, kann Sannie echt nur Anpreisen, schnellste Lieferung aller Shops bisher und der Support ist toll, wo sonst kannste direkt mit dem Breeder reden ! Germany Noviembre 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Bester Shop alles in allem. Wer seine Seeds per Track und Trace bestellt bekommt IMMER Ersatz, falls die Seeds verloren gehen. Ersatz gibt es auch sofort, wenn Samen nicht keimen sollten. Sannie hat in den Niederlanden einen EXTREM guten Ruf, und das zurecht. Vielleicht einer der besten Züchter im Moment. Ger Octubre 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Had a bunch of questions, they answered almost immediately, bank transfer worked perfectly, and the shipment came within a week... Ill definitely order again (if the crop turns out as good as the service)... Croatia Julio 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 No issues. Gear in hand within 2 weeks every time to west coast U.S.   Junio 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Second time ordering from Sannies using cash in the mail and everything went smooth. Turn around time was 18 day from the time I dropped the envelope in the mailbox to the package arriving at my door in Cali. I even got the freebees I requested, and some spongepots! Excellent service. USA Junio 2014   10 9 9.50
 Bester Shop da draußen. Hat man mit Track und Trace bestellt und das Paket kommt nicht an oder bleibt im Zoll hängen schickt Sannie das Material nach.

-Bonusseeds bei jeder Bestellung, die man sich auch noch aussuchen kann.
-10% vom Einkaufspreis wird als Rabatt gesammelt. Kauft man dort öfter mal ein, hatt man bald eine Gratis Bestellung zusammen.
-Zum Teil absolute Elite Genetik zum Schleuderpreis. Breeders Choice und Eskobar Seeds.... 10 Samen 22,50€ Lächerlich gutes Preis Leistungs Verhältnis

Kaufe wenn möglich nur dort!
Deutschland Junio 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 I was very nervous about sending cash in the mail but everything worked out great. I will definitely be ordering from Sannies again.   Mayo 2014   9 9 9.00
 Ordered stuff from here and another site, cash in mail, shipping was faster than expected and stealthy. Couldnt give them one bad point, great freebies too USA Abril 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Great breeder. Great prices. You will get you beans.   Marzo 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Since 5 years several order made from Sanniesshop, never be disappointed for the quality/price and customer service.   Febrero 2014 9 10 10 9.67
 arrives quickly, all germinated, ordered two strains, the Killing Fields grew very well, the buds turned an eye popping Purple on 75% of the plants, had 90% females. The KO Kush had a disappointing 50% male rate, the females turned out well, awesome quality.   Diciembre 2013 10 10 10 10.00
 I ordered chocolate rain (Dnas chocolope and D.J. shorts cocoa Kush cross) and Huckleberry Kush (Original blueberry bx7 Kush). Came with 20 free spongepots. They forgot the 5 free KO Kush. I emailed and Sannie and knutsel said they would make it up on my next order. So I ordered 5 Extremas feminizized.( 10 non feminized is equal to 5 fem on Avg.) this time and after 14 days I was worroied but received my 5 extremas I ordered an paid for. along with 10(reg) ko Kush, 2 mad scientist x Jackberry(fem) & 5 Shaqzillas, 20 more spongepots for free. More than made up for my 5 reg ko Kush I was owed. Shaqzilla was my next order and more ko Kush so sannie. Looked at my wish list a d filled my next order plus I got 78 points towards my next order($7.80 American in credit). Stealth is decent I ordered cloning gel so couldnt be too stealth this time lol. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE BIZ YOU DEAL WITH SANNIE AND HIS TEAM OF BREEDERS NO SALES REP. HERBIES IS GOOD ABOUT THIS TOO TOGETHER THESE 2 HAVE BECAME MY GO TO PLACES SANNIES BEING BEST BCUZ FRESHEST SEEDS AS A BREEDER AND HERBIES BCUZ RELIABILITY AND SELECTION. I have only grown the chic. Rain to 2 week of flowering but I started 10 Afghan skunk and 8 lemon Kush at the same time and big difference in every aspect good Genetics I germinated 10 and 9 popped and 6 females. Just takes a little longer to get your orders by 4-8 days. Also the sea of seeds rocks if you catch a daily special so far all is what its susposed to be and germination is around 85% u can find $80 packs forn$37 but sannies all the way!!!   Octubre 2013 10 8 10 9.33
 This Seedbank is very good ,germite 100% ,vigorous ,and quality for smoke ,nice!   Octubre 2013 10 10 8 9.33
 Sannies Shop has excellent strains in his shop..the weakest strain in his shop is still more potent and better tasting than most "top-shelf" dispensary smoke. Sannie also has some of the best customer service anywhere in the world, and he stands behind his products 100%. Stealth shipping, incredible strains and world class customer service, Im a customer for life!! I can actually say that I trust Sannies Shop! California Octubre 2013 10 10 10 10.00
 Fast delivery, fire genetics, 100% germination Sannies shop Agosto 2013 10 10 10 10.00
 all the strains are what it says on the box. grown well and you will be rewarded. i got 30 of their strains and happy to inform anyone on what thay can expect. herculese is a suprise for me. exceeds my expetations. and killing fields is pure purple/lots of colors in sannies lot. and i recommend huckleberry kush. the only one i think is ordenary is jack herer but it is getting long in the tooth now so thats expected but it still is a awsome strain sannies jack f7. you will not be dissapointed by any of these strains. but i didnt get the double jam (jamacian strain) as it looked too leafy. anasthesia,herculese and cheeseberry haze plus ms.universe are all bombs of strains that will knock your socks off. sannies seeds Julio 2013 9 8 9 8.67
 7 days to usa! Ordered 10 ko kush seeds and got 5 freebies! Awesome experience for my first time ordering seeds. Sannies shop Junio 2013   10 10 10.00
  Deutschland Marzo 2013 10 9   9.50
  USA Agosto 2012 9 9   9.00
    Agosto 2011 10 9 10 9.67
 Without no doubt it's the best shop online. Very responsive, it took only 3 days for my beans to arrive at home. Unfortunately they all turned males so Sannie sent me graciously another pack of his Jackberry. This guy is awesome. Francia Julio 2011 10 10 10 10.00
  USA Diciembre 2009 9 9 8 8.67
  Países Bajos Mayo 2009 10 10 10 10.00
 Sannies shop is the shit! Excellent service, awesome genetics/quality, Sannie himself responds back to you within 24hrs. Highly recommended!

I had a problem with 1 order and it somehow dissappeared or something for almost a month and he sent another package and got it the same week. sent dec.1.08. recieved dec.4.08. and this was sent to canada. All my orders come within 5 working days(same week) from the time your money has arrived of course.
Canada Enero 2009   10   10.00
  USA Noviembre 2008 10 9 10 9.67

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