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Aka: True North Seedbank (http://truenorthseedbank.com/)
Pago por: WU, Efectivo, Tarjeta de credito, Giro postal, E-Mail transfers (Canda Only)
Situado en Canadá.

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  • La calidad del producto: 5.33 5.33
  • Velocidad de la entrega: 4.00 4.00
  • Servicio al cliente: 3.27 3.27
  • Impresion General: 4.20 4.20
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Montreal Seedbank esta en la lista como "rojo" en el SeedFinder. Esto significa que que absolutamente no se recomienda pedir en esta tienda! Muchos de los problemas aqui - o simplemente tratan de enganarte.

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Ordered(5) Cannatonic seeds and were delivered reasonably quickly with (2) bonus recreational varieties. ZERO% germination on the Cannatonic "packaged in original Resin sealed packaging" but 1 of the recreational samples did in fact germinate and take off. I have experience with growing flowers and vegetables from scratch for decades and cannabis a few times over with good results under a decent starting setup. I must therefore assume that this seed was either old or exposed to undue temperature stress. This grower has a broad disclaimer and will not under any circumstances guarantee viablitiy of seed. Given the fact that I had 100% germination on last years crop of Resin Cannatonic I will not use this supplier again. Spend a little more initially and save yourself the headache. I will from now on!
Estados Unidos Mayo 2018 0 3 0 1.00
send me Shit seeds,, not one popped, got a hold of them an they say to bad,, An i was with them for years,, Never Again.
Canadá Abril 2018 0 5 0 1.67
Quick replies to orders. Delivered earlier than anticipated. Will continue to do business with them. Their stock has grown since my very first order of Sugar Black Rose
Estados Unidos Febrero 2018 10 10 10 10.00
Some strains are exactly what I expected for strain quality and germination rates. However, the G-13 Pineapple Express (10 seeds) there was only 1 that germinated. I normally get close to a 99% germination rate from any strain. While the germination rate was disappointing the one plant produced was excellent. I also purchased Caramelo seeds. The first two I tried pleasantly surprised. 2 separate phenotypes. One very Sativa dominant the other quite Indica. I will use this bank again despite the disappointment with the PE because the prices seem reasonable and the product other than the PE has been up to par with what I was receiving from GB before,,,
Estados Unidos Agosto 2017 9 5 5 6.33
This Seedbank is Not True North Seedbank and I dont know who has said it was. this Company runs out of Quebec NOT Ontario. PPl should do there research first before posting. Also this company sent me what I ordered with a bunch of freebies and was here super quick. Will buy from them again for sure.
Canadá Mayo 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Came to MA in less than 2 weeks of posting PayPal both times. 100% germination rate. Shipping is kind of expensive though.
Estados Unidos Mayo 2017 9 9   9.00
Ive ordered and got my seeds before. In February I ordered and they took my money, and said the seeds were sent out, but then never provided tracking or any proof it was sent. I never got my seeds, or even a letter. When I contacted them they kept telling me to wait, then eventually stopped answering my calls and emails. Never got anything. I finally got my money back by doing a chargeback with the credit card company.
Estados Unidos Abril 2017   0 0 0.00
Ordered from True North Seed bank with a credit card and seeds came in an envelope without any stealth whatsoever! Just breeder packs saying exactly what the seeds were, in an envelope. If the envelope even ripped during shipping you would be able to clearly see the labels and know what was inside. I couldnt believe it, Ive never seen such poor packaging from a seed bank. Just because youre in Canada doesnt mean that stealth doesnt matter to me! They just dont care!
Estados Unidos Abril 2017     0 0.00
Good customer service. Fast delivery with no problems. Takes CC for payment. Sending cash reminds me of the mid 80s with SSSC didnt like it then, dont like it now. Seeds cracked open within 24 hrs ( Blue Ox) All 12 seeds popping up out of the mix.
Estados Unidos Diciembre 2016 6 8 9 7.67
bad seeds bait and switch
  Noviembre 2016 1 1 3 1.67
I was leery about using this company due to its reviews here and other places, but they had NL auto, took Mastercard, and were only about 200 miles away. I took a chance. While their prices are a bit high, I got one freebee I expected and one I didnt expect. I placed my order in the last week of July on the phone witha very nice lady who spoke english. Very professional and caring. I received the order on 8/8. About 1.5 weeks turn around. Awesome! Get the extra insurance and buy a puzzle. You wont be disappointed.
Estados Unidos Agosto 2016 10 10 10 10.00
  Mayo 2016     0 0.00
Do not! I repeat do not order from True North.You will be sorry. Nothing but lies and deceit from this company.It all starts with their website.They claim to have over 70 breeders and everything is in stock.When you call they will tell you there out of stock and they should be in in a week.Seeds never show up. They outright lie to you keep saying next week next week then tell you they have been sent.If you complain they will not answer the phone.Stay far away!
Canadá Abril 2016 7 0 0 2.33
Took 14 day from order to door step,had get customer service . Were out of stock on one of my choices and up grade my new Choice ,which was $15 more for free, tracking number worked fine and seeds came in factory packaging . Seeds all. Look nice and big and heathy .. No bitches here , they did a great job. But would call in order to make sure in stock. Friendly staff, answer phone ever time quicly....
Estados Unidos Marzo 2016 10 10 10 10.00
Slow. Poor communication.
Suggest finding another seed shop
Estados Unidos Marzo 2016   0 0 0.00
Ive waited over three weeks for an order that "should be next week". The "should be.." comes directly from their CSR. Its been my experience so far with these guys that next week never comes. DO NOT ORDER FROM TNSB, you will wait forever, not to mention throw your money to the wind! Good 1st impression TNSB... unfortunately Ill be supporting over seas companies rather then Canadian, really sucks that a Canadian would f*** a fellow Canadian up the a*s(with some sand as lube).
True North Seed Bank Octubre 2015   0 5 2.50
Second order had one error, promise to correct was immediate, delivery is slow as it seems they have different stock at different facilities, quality seems excellent based on germination, packaging mostly breeder original. First order got a call saying their error, 2 of my choices out of stock, website needs more updates and not Android friendly.
True North Seedbank Bowmanville, On Octubre 2015 7 5 9 7.00
Did not get product.
  Junio 2015 0 0 0 0.00

I personally do not trust these people!! Here are the reasons why:

I live in the USA in Washington State.

I found their ad online and since I wanted seeds right away; I called them and made an order on the phone. They asked for my CC number and I gave it to them.

I made an order for what I was told would amount to $56 USD ( I had a free coupon for a supposed 20% discount that I got in my email, otherwise it would have been $71 USD ).

This was on the 26th of March of this year. I was told that I would have my seeds in hand, in no more than 5 days (on the 31st). Also, that since I have called it in on plastic, they would be shipped that same day.

Great service (or so I thought)! The 31st came No seeds. So I called them.

True North SeedBank said that they had ship them out that to give it until the end of the week (April 3rd).

April 3rd came and went?. No seeds. Called them again on Monday: This time they said that the seeds that I had ordered were suppose to come to the warehouse no later than April 10th .

Now I started to become suspicious; because when I ordered the seeds on the phone they were supposedly in stock and ready to be shipped! They asked me to wait (LIKE I HAD ANY CHOICE) until then.

The 10th came and went ?. NO SEEDS Again!! So I called the third time mid week on Wednesday the 15th.

Here is what they told me:

From the date that I paid for them to 21 days later (on April 15th), they never had the seed to begin with!!

The website said they did ?

The salesperson that answered the phone said they did (even said they were shipping that day)?.

They took my cash as if they did?

But in fact: there were never any seeds to start with!!

Now, I'm pissed with them and I asked them: Well, when are you going to get my seeds?? They said: I don't know when they are going to come. But we can put you on a waiting list and when they do come we will let you know!!!

What da Fuck!!

They took my cash and sold me something that they NEVER HAD TO START WITH! And now they want me to go on a waiting list for something that they don?t even know when or if they will get?..


Now at that point, I am really pissed!! THIS TO ME IS BLANT THEFT/STEALING
  Abril 2015 0 0 0 0.00
Order was never sent.
-email & phone calls go unanswered.
  Abril 2015   0 0 0.00
Didnt even ship my order for almost a month. Awful customer service. Gave me a false tracking number. At least the seeds were still in the breeder packs, hopefully they are genuine.
Do Not use True North!
  Enero 2015   0 0 0.00
This seed bank is a joke. I ordered from them and it took roughly 3 days to just receive confirmation of my order (they did take my payment on the day I placed the order). In that confirmation they stated that they were going to need up to an additional 14 days to process my order. In the email I received it also stated in addition to the up to 14 days for processing i should wait another 14plus days for delivery. Gurenteed shipping is 35 dollars, which is, not a bad price if they actually processed and shipped quickly. Once I read the email the high cost of both the seeds and shipping coupled with the extremly long waiting time made me want to cancel my order. I sent several emails over the course of a few days trying to inquire about my order, all of them went unanswered. Finally unanswered emails, outrageous prices and true norths super slow processing and shipping times made me annoyed enough to terminate the order with my credit card company. I will never contemplate going back to these jokers and I will make it a point to tell friends and strangers a like about my expiriences with true north cheat bank.
  Enero 2015     0 0.00
Their website was having complications with their my cart feature so I called in an order of elemental seeds. They emailed me back and said they couldnt get them even though the website lists them in stock. Ive been waiting for a refund to be issued but Im getting a lot of beating around the bush and no refund. Never again.
  Enero 2015 1   1 1.00

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