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Kind Seed Co. Seedbank Review

Pago por: Giro postal
Situado en Canadá.

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  • La calidad del producto: 5.00 5.00
  • Velocidad de la entrega: 4.78 4.78
  • Servicio al cliente: 4.40 4.40
  • Impresion General: 4.73 4.73
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Kind Seed Co. esta en la lista como "gris" en el SeedFinder. Esto significa que que no tiene mucho informacion acerca de este banco de semillas - que debe tener el objetivo de la facilidad de revisiones o probar por si mismo a su propio riesgo.

Experiencias de usuarios

Usuario Comentarios del usuario Pedido de Fecha Q F S Impresion General
They charged my card a random amount. Nvr got anything in the mail. No returns on my calls
Estados Unidos Noviembre 2016 0 0 0 0.00
Charge my card and never received my product been over. A month thumbs down
Estados Unidos Agosto 2016     0 0.00
I used them exclusively 2006 and prior cant get ahold of anyone and no product delivery. Save your money and look else where. They use to be great now theyre a scam
Estados Unidos Agosto 2016 7 7 7 7.00
They are nice enough to talk to- but to be charged 3 times for an order that never comes is ridiculous! They promised shipping in progress and extras- correction of charges after notification of second charge for same ship. but instead charged a third time with no delivery- major ripoff. Their "third party" can now fight it out with the CC co. All charges in dispute with no delivery of order. Now doing business with another company that knows how to correctly conduct buisness.
Estados Unidos Junio 2016 0 0 0 0.00
Third time to order. Seeds came on time, but didnt get 100% germination. For the price should get 100%. Called them and they sent new seeds and those worked.
Estados Unidos Mayo 2016 8 9 8 8.33
All good. Recommended!
Nueva Zelanda Mayo 2016 10 10 10 10.00
MAJOR RIP OFF HERE! Ordered sees that never showed up - lost $130. Have read MANY web reviews (after I ordered unfortunately) that indicate this is a major scam. Set up a website, collect the $$ and dont bother to send the product.
Estados Unidos Marzo 2016   0 0 0.00
I know hasnt been perfect in the past, but they theyre much better now. You can call or email them 24/7 to make a complaint or add your feedback on our Kind (or not so Kind, in your case) words blog on their site. This will get their attention.

They want to keep everyone happy and improve, including yourself of course. There is a reason they have been in business for 22 years and they would like to be given a chance to prove this to you. Please take a moment and send an email to with your post included and they will do their very best to make you another happy customer. It worked for me. They were able to get a new order to me right off and the advice I needed to get growing.
  Diciembre 2015 10 10 10 10.00
These guys werent gonna send my order at all until I called up...and then it was 10 seeds short and after that they were hard to get a hold of...until they finally tried to make good by sending some different seeds than what i ordered...theses guys too stoned maybe...
Kind seed co. Diciembre 2015 0 0 1 0.33
You have to pay through a 3rd party so they can accept more credit card companies legaly. The man from Kind Seed called me and followed up on why my transaction was declined. What I did was email him a screenshot of my transactions which proved the money went to this 3rd party. He told me afterwards the letter was going to be mailed the next day. It took a couple of weeks to get to my mailbox from then. It did have to go across the country in economy mail.
Kind Seed Company website Octubre 2015   7 8 7.50

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