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Situado en los Países Bajos.

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Dutch Seeds Shop esta en la lista como "rojo" en el SeedFinder. Esto significa que que absolutamente no se recomienda pedir en esta tienda! Muchos de los problemas aqui - o simplemente tratan de enganarte.

Overpriced seeds without telling the breeder.

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No delivery at all...no response to query. Steal your money. Do not order.
Estados Unidos Julio 2018   0 0 0.00
This place is a scam never received my order. Contact them by e-mail many times and I ask for a refund that I did not get. BYER BEWARE.
I have a permit to grow for my health and before I bought the seeds should have read the reviews.
Canadá Junio 2018   0 0 0.00
So I decided to take a chance and order from them. I had messaged the site admin prior to ordering and got an email back the next day, which made me think positive thoughts about their business. I had mentioned to add extra random things like say a tshirt or random crap like that in the package to make sure it would arrive safely, to which the person "Lucky" whom I was talking to assured me that the seeds are extremely well hidden and I would get a refund if the post stopped them. That reassured me, and I made an order of 450 USD worth of seeds. 2 months later, (and a few emails later) I find out my post office just received the order and labeled it DRUGS. They literally sent me an email saying Package # bla bla bla is carrying DRUGS and are illegal in etc. Wtf? That obviously meant they got destroyed. I emailed "Lucky" about it, he told me send the screen shot of the emails, I did, and Ive never heard back from him after literally emailing him at least once a week for 2 months. So yea I got scammed. Dont make my mistake, fuck that guy.
Reino Unido Junio 2018 0 0 0 0.00
DUTCHSEEDSSHOPS IS A SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! Tried to pay using an Amazon Gift Card as thats one of the payments they accept and felt it was safer than giving them my card #. Never heard a response. Emailed them 2 times asking for follow up. Have never gotten a response from them. Then I found this website and the bad reviews. SOOOOOO glad I got here before they cashed in my Amazon gift card. Ill find another supplier. Slick website and good reviews there which are really deceptive. AVOID DUTCHSEEDSSHOPS!!!!! Really appreciate seedfinder for these reviews! Thanks seedfinder!!!
Estados Unidos Junio 2018   0 0 0.00
I should have known better...I googled "fruity pebbles" seeds. Dutch Seeds sells them (allegedly). Knowing that this strain is either non-existent or very rare, I ordered. The seeds arrived in a timely manor. 20 seeds. 4 appeared mature, but seed density was poor (old seed). The other 16 were immature/green. Two of the four brown seeds sprouted but died days later as the nutrition in the kernels had been sapped due to age. The ones that sprouted did so in protest. I used the paper towel/gentle heat method but they did not pop. I put the chill on them (fridge) and two cracked. For all I know these seeds are ditchweeds from Bulgaria which is where they shipped from (not the Netherlands as you are led to believe). After receiving the product, I searched the web to see if this company is a scam...yup. Stupid me. Should have looked first. Their website appears so legit I did not research. Wrong....AVOID THESE GUYS. Three days after the seeds were received (10 days) my CC had two bogus charges on it from overseas. Had to contest the charges with the bank and get a new CC. DONT use this guy!
Estados Unidos Junio 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Excellent! jai eu peur en voyant les commentaires ici. 3 semaines dattentes, ça arrive de la Bulgarie. Jai pas reçus de messages denvoie ni de tracking juste une facture. Apres 20 jours, jai commencé a me demander si je passerais pas a coter de ma saison, jai envoyé un message et jai reçus du réconfort cest +/- un mois de livraison. 5 jours plus tard jai reçus mon cadeaux de fêtes. Reste a cultiver ça, voir si cest bien les variétés que jai magasinées.
Canadá Abril 2018 8 10 10 9.33
Took a chance and pulled the trigger. the seeds arrived in a bubble wrap lined envelope with what felt like a matchbook. seeds were hidden inside a folded piece of cardboard. There were seeds in a small plastic baggie similar to what most stealth repackaging looks like. it was labeled banana kush 40 seeds.


stranger yet, it was shipped from bulgaria. That may explain why so many buyers never received their seeds; the Bulgarian police is kept them and are growing!

As far as the seeds, who knows wtf they really are but since theyre from bulgaria, it should be interesting
Estados Unidos Abril 2018   6   6.00
Order in Jan an here it is April ,, No seeds , an no reply
Canadá Abril 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Scam. No order confirmation. No reply to support ticket or direct emails. No phone number or address to reach. Very sketchy. No product sent.
Estados Unidos Abril 2018   0 0 0.00
Never received order. Suggest you shop elsewhere
  Abril 2018 0 0 0 0.00
This company is crap. No customer service no return emails.
Do not order from theses guysBSAV
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018     0 0.00
We ordered fruity pebbles, after they finally arrived over 8 weeks later, not ONE single seed germinated. NOT ONE! We contacted them and they said they would send us some more. We havent received them yet. And after reading all the reviews, Im pretty sure we got screwed.
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Ordered seeds, after 3 weeks never received. They say I have to wait 4 weeks. I have ordered from other reputable websites through your database and all orders have arrived within 2.5 weeks. I think this website is a scam, no phone number to call only email, and you do not receive anything.
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018   0 0 0.00
I canceled my order and payment (amazon card) after waiting for 5 days without a response. Dont recommend.
España Marzo 2018   0 0 0.00
Took my money an no seeds.
Canadá Marzo 2018        
Its been 29days still have not received order I tryied contacting them they will not respond I would never ever order from them again Joe
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018        
Ordered on January 28th and never received anything. Continue to put me off every time I send an email they said wait a few more days time After Time
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018   0 0 0.00
It took forever to get here, some of the seeds were cracked when they did get here. I ordered 10 Grape Ape feminized and ten blueberry kush feminized all I got were autoflowers and males thats even if they were blueberry kush and Grape Ape it looks like they just grabbed a handful of seeds and threw it in a bag unless you want to throw your money in the trash do not buy from them
Estados Unidos Marzo 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Never received seeds 250 dollars stolen nyjc
Estados Unidos Febrero 2018     0 0.00
Scam site
Finlandia Febrero 2018        
Just wanted to thank everyone for their reviews. Ive seen this site before but didnt know there was a Seed bank review section. I was ABOUT to place an order but am hanging back. I was contacted from them and I traced it back to Bulgaria which seemed really weird.
Canadá Febrero 2018 0 0 0 0.00
60 seeds, 20% were viable, 3 of them turned out to be female, but one just hermied. As I defoliate I bumped a male pod out of nowhere. My whole garden is seeded....And I?m not even sure they sent the strains I ordered....?Fool me once?.
Estados Unidos Febrero 2018 1 2   1.50
I have contacted them 3 different times with no response and still have not received my seeds. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!
Estados Unidos Enero 2018   0 0 0.00
I ordered the seeds in early dec and knew the delivery would take longer than expected due to holidays. Had I saw the previous comments I may have turned away but anyway, on to the review. So I figured 6 weeks. Thats when they came. The seeds (Fruity Pebbles) look great. I germed one just to see. Few days in a water cup and BAM! Just planted her today(im optimistic) but really this ones just a test seed for now. I havent received my "free seeds" they offer with every order yet, but again, im optimistic. I recommend this company but offer a word of advice; This stuff is coming overseas and has to clear customs. Some things are beyond any shippers control. I order tech stuff from gearbest a lot also and sometimes the wait is horrific but, it ALWAYS comes. Good luck and hope this helps.
Estados Unidos Enero 2018 10 10 10 10.00
 BUYER BEWARE! This is NOT a trustworthy seller. Two times the seeds I ordered did not germinate. They would not refund my money or replace the bad seeds. They refused to respond to my many inquires. I recommend you DO NOT buy from this seller! I buy from ILGM ... they are honest, have excellent communication and they sell QUALITY seeds! Estados Unidos Enero 2018 0 3 0 1.00
 otderd ak47 fem seeds 2 females out of 20 seeds took 3 months to get them spent 100$ for crap..... Estados Unidos Diciembre 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Dirty Dutch bastards no customer service don?t return email don?t wast your money no seeds hope cc don?t pay Estados Unidos Octubre 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 They took my money, never respond my emails Australia Julio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Dutch Seeds Shop scam site is down. Hopefully forever.

Dave Z
Estados Unidos Julio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Singlehop hosts dutchseedsshop.com


Send?em an email or two. they are crooks just as much as dutchseedsshop.

Singlehop is aware of this, but does nothing to stop it. CROOKS! Here is an email they sent to me...


Thank you for your email. While we appreciate the seriousness of your complaint, we are unable to take action at this time. As a courtesy to you, we?ve forwarded your complaint to our customer. 

We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention, and thank you for understanding our position.
SingleHop Team

Estados Unidos Julio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 No communication, no emails, no tracking, no seeds. Scammer. This fake company is out of Beijing, called :MAS*HANSHOSHINEDE TRAD Beijing. Thats who tries to collect the money. Canadá Julio 2017        
 Didnt try planting until May. DOA. Tried twice. No germination whatsoever.

Managed a e-mail response where they suggested replacement. No other responses.
Estados Unidos Julio 2017   5 0 2.50
 These people, if you want to call them people I prefer SCUM, sent me dead seeds. Their goes my high times.I do have the name of the owner, will be posted soon with any other info I can find on him. (Its nice to be retired I have a lot of time for research. Wes Estados Unidos Julio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Once this prat has your money, you wont hear from him again, none of the rubbish he sent me will germinate. 40 seeds, most split or dried out or just husk, none germinated, and as for the free seeds, I got none,

Spread the word this one is a no go for sure
Reino Unido Julio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 This was the worst tried to use credit card wouldnt go thru days later sent link for PayPal to his lady friend wanted never recd order contacted They said I never ordered .Filed complaint got My money back. PayPal Thank good. Never Order Here Estados Unidos Julio 2017     0 0.00
 Wished I seen the customers feed backs like no answers from customer service web site no orders shipped , old dead seeds, non viable seeds now Im down my 67 bucks I guess this year is a bust oh well if it comes I will try to get a couple to germinate and grow damn I should have done my research on this guy Estados Unidos Junio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 They overcharged me for 1 thing.
Then out of the 30 seeds I ordered not a single one even cracked.
They replied to emails quick before me order when I had questions but will not reply to a single email after I placed the order.
I have sent 7 emails in the last 2 weeks with no reply.
Estados Unidos Junio 2017 5 5 5 5.00
 It is a rip-off, bought 20 seeds and none of them germinated, not one. very disappointed. DO NOT BUY from Dutch seed shop.vt   Junio 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 out of forty seeds 0 germinated didnt bother to ask for more .pure rip off company Estados Unidos Mayo 2017 0 3   1.50
 Received 20 seeds from Dutch Seed Shop. Not one germinated. NOT ONE!!
Have tried contacting them for replacement seeds many times, but they
wont respond. As I still have the seeds, I have stated that I am perfectly
willing to ship them back to this company as proof of my claim. Avoid using
this company.
Estados Unidos Mayo 2017 0 2 0 0.67
 The seeds I ordered were supposed to be Grape Ape. They charged me $16.01 more than they were supposed to be. They claim to be from Holland but are sending them from Bulgaria. They are Dry, Crumbly and do not germinate. They will not answer when you write them about the issues. If you have ordered you need to open a transaction dispute for souvenir seeds right away. Bulgaria Mayo 2017 0 1 0 0.33
 I too made this mistake
Ordered seeds over a month ago from Dutch seed shop.
Never arrived.
Ive emailed dutch seed shop a few times with no response.
I ordered seeds from other seed banks in Canada, the U.K., and Amsterdam AFTER ordering from Dutch seed shop and all of those seeds have arrived.
But not from Dutch seed shop.
Very disappointing.
If your buying seed dont use Dutch seed shop.
Dutch seed shop, well....
They are a rip off.
Estados Unidos Mayo 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 I ordered 20 strawberry banana feminized seeds and 18 of 20 so far are males!! Im fuckn pissed!! Alemania Mayo 2017 0 3   1.50
 did not send seeds gave me the run around .donot buy seeds here absolute rip off .

Australia Marzo 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Sent me a phony register reference number postal service.didnt respond to any emails
Estados Unidos Marzo 2017        
 Never received anything after I was reassured over 3 times when the owner gave me his word he would prove me wrong that he wasnt a fraud and only ended up proving me right.   Diciembre 2016   8   8.00
 Total Scam! Do not order from this company! Took me for $61.00 and will not respond to emails. Estados Unidos Diciembre 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Seeds looked old some crushed, most would not gemminate the ones that did were Male..never use again. Estados Unidos Septiembre 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Ordered 20 Early Misty seeds from these assholes.
Received 30 and only 4 germinated. Those turned into 1/2" tall mutants, that died within a week.
The ONLY plant that actually grew, turned into a whopping 5" tall, shriveled up mutant that generated a huge yield of 1/2 gm.
They promised replacements which never arrived.
Estados Unidos Agosto 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 The owner of Dutch Seeds Shop is a total scammer. Never sends the seeds or at best sends dead seeds. Read the 50 some other reviews on other sites and you will see that he has been scamming people for years. Beware. Países Bajos Marzo 2016   0 0 0.00

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