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  • Servicio al cliente: 0.79 0.79
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Fake Seeds! All the seeds seems to be the same industrial hemp strain! Buyers beware!

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still waiting after 3 weeks
Reino Unido Abril 2019   0 0 0.00
Sent $68 dollars and got nothing,and they will not respond,what a bunch of crooked fools,I turned Stephen Long in for fraud !
Estados Unidos Febrero 2019 0 0 0 0.00
Visit on my tablet
  Enero 2018        
Never received anything from these thieves except this note today....This could happen to you...... Stephen Long
Today, 9:41 AMYou
Hello Tom,
All of your emails, have been forwarded to your local police authorities, Marijuana seeds are sold for collection purposes only and not for GERMINATION.

Thank You, Sally, Head of Sales
Estados Unidos Noviembre 2017 0 0 0 0.00
They communicated until the money order was cashed, then nothing. No product was ever received, all communication via email stopped after money order was cashed.

Estados Unidos Noviembre 2017     0 0.00
Estados Unidos Octubre 2017 0 0 0 0.00
Wish I checked here first , feeling like a chump , how stupid was I ? And , do I have any chance of not keeping that feeling ?
Estados Unidos Febrero 2017        
**Avoid at all costs** they take money and you will get nothing in return other than fobbed off, I have been waiting on my order for nearly 2 &1/2 months now complete and utter fraud! Should have listened to the many many reviews warning to avoid!
Reino Unido Diciembre 2016 0 0 0 0.00
Shocking everything about this was a scam no email response silly old fool on a voice message says were unavailable do not use more fool me for sending cash and taking a punt! You will now receive anything this person should be named and shamed!!!!
Reino Unido Octubre 2016 1 2 0 1.00
I was pursuing in getting seeds on this site until I seen how the payment options were (Fishy!!! Who would want to send a money order internationally) and decided not to go on with the payment.

A week later I get this email confirmation stating that these seed are ready to be shipped. Why? I never paid for anything and it seems weird. Can someone help me out here?
Estados Unidos Mayo 2016        
So far, I have the feeling that Ive just become another DUMB ASS who became a victim of this racket! On their website theres a link for "24hrs.customers service" including a phone number to call. When I call trying to find out if theyve received my prepayment, theres a recording of "well be down for 1 hr. leave a message...." I left them a message with all my contacts, then called them back 3 hours later....same recording!
Also sent them 2 response.
I think I just sent a "Stephen Long" a $68 money order just because Im stupid. ..?
Should have known that $68 for 60 feminized seeds is too good to be true!
Estados Unidos Abril 2016     0 0.00
I paid $88 for seeds and got nothing but the runaround when I contacted this ripoff artist by email, by phone and by the contact option on his website. Cant somebody alert his server that theyre supporting a ripoff artist?
Estados Unidos Marzo 2016   0 0 0.00
Ordered the 60 x seeds 3 x varieties of 20 seeds per tube. = 60 seeds Total. I.e :- W.widow/HawaiIan hold/Super Silver Haze. Got them reasonably Quick.! Packaged well Enough.! , only trouble is not one seed ivery tried has germinated. Tried about 15 seeds so far 5 x seeds from each of the 3 x tubes. So its just the odd bad seed or anything. Emailed them explaining i had examined them under a microscope after running in to germination trouble, and noticed a defect stopping the seeds from opening properly.?
got a response a day l8r saying they would replace the order out of Good will. They insisted theyd had no probs. Thought Great result.? :-) Only Im still waiting for the seeds. Months later. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. LOL.
Reino Unido Marzo 2016 0 7 2 3.00
First time ordering from this site so started with a small order, prices are very low recieved my seeds within 3 days of payment being cashed, which an email let me know had been sent, paid via mail order. Very happy with product suprised by so many negative reviews personally would use again and would recommend. Thank you.
Reino Unido Febrero 2016 10 10 10 10.00
mailed money order never received product. Sent email after email, and called their 1-800 number with no response. DONT WASTE MONEY> complete rip off
  Noviembre 2015 0 0 0 0.00
They claim to give you a "tracking number" but dont. They got their money via Western Union Oct 21 and Ive been trying to get a response from them ever since. They dont answer emails and if you call their 800 number you get the same recording every time, but no real response. ITS ONE BIG SCAM!!! Noviembre 2015 0 0 0 0.00
First off I am a Legal Care giver for my Ill Wife, I purchased 12 white widow female seeds for Legitimate Medical Medicine. Not a single one Germinated because they were all Rotted seeds! Also I sent extra cash hoping for them to add a few extra of another strain, this money was pocketed and never Mentioned or returned. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! I Tried to contact them several times and my emails were ignored. Please do not waste your time and money . I just hope someday to read about some one Punching this guy out. He is a real Scum Bag. DO NOT BUY FROM CANNABIS SEEDS .COM
  Julio 2015 0 0 0 0.00
This is a fake company. I paid by Visa, so they now have my credit card details. The name came up on my bank statement. This is also a fake company. Im very upset that I have not only wasted money, but they have my credit card details and personal details. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS! I only wish Id checked seedcops beforehand.
Online Junio 2015        
never even arrived. then got no reply and ended up changing bank card details as sure this is a scam
  Abril 2015   0 0 0.00
Hi, As a first time grower and buyer I was looking thru High Times and came across this advertisement and decided to try. This is a real bad site to get seeds from. Not one that I have tried has germinated. All are garbage. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. These people are thieves. Do not be fooled by the deals like I was, a lot of bad seeds are still bad seeds. Customer service sucks and so does product!
  Enero 2015 0 3 0 1.00
Seeds shipped immediately. Got them very quickly. Seemed to be in great condition. Unfortunately I think I killed most of them with well water before I realized my error. Washed them off with distilled water last night and two are sprouting now. Cant beat it for the price. Anybody says different is a whiney botch. Have you seen the cost of other seeds??! This place is a bargain . As we say in America , quitcherbitcin.
  Diciembre 2014 10 10   10.00
Junk,junk,junk... weak sizes, never seen seeds so small, not one took to germination techniques, horrible people to deal with. avoid at all cost. Refuse to answer Emails with my complaints... STRAIGHT UP RIPPED ME OFF! Diciembre 2014 0 1   0.50
Horrible waste of money

Website badly designed thought i was buying a package buy 2 get 1 free like shown but only got the 1 pack very badly worded

Customer contact on and off could not resolve ordering issues would not let me place another order from the same credit card (says something about their repeat buyers they dont have and the professionalism they show)

Had to fucking chase them for responses otherwise they wouldnt and all seeds were dud all 12

Waste of time money effort and being excited to get the package start a grow and have them all be shit!

Fuck these guys put the word out not worth the discount price risk!
  Noviembre 2014 0 4 1 1.67
Old and sterile seed. 0 germination out of 410 seeds and 3 separate orders. 8 different strains and all duds, a pure waste of money and energy.
USA Octubre 2014 0 7 0 2.33
 No seed
No contact
No hope
  Septiembre 2014     0 0.00
 80% males, "no high strain". its a scam!!!   Abril 2014 0 6 0 2.00
 Crap seed. Do not waste your time on this one.   Noviembre 2013 0 2 0 0.67
 Purchased 2 feminized packages of 60 White Widow, 60 Super Silver Haze, 60 Himalayan Gold. Super Silver Haze and Himalayan Gold were a zero (0%)germination and the White Widow was only a 20% germination. Out of the White Widow only 40 stand and all but 7 have been males not hermaphrodites and only 3 of those have the first few flower pods showing and the other 4 havent showed sex yet. This late September which is a little late to be start flowering making these a Thanksgiving harvest maybe Christmas if buds even develop of which is not looking good. Harvest of the rest of my other strains (from Dinafem, Green House)will be within next 2 weeks and they are full of kolas. This is California and this is harvest time of almost all bud. This must be old seeds or a commercial hemp plant used for making rope and fabric with such a high male count and flowers not developing into buds or both even rope weed would have a better germination rate. The results were the same a few years ago of which I forgot these were the source I used then. Yea I know I f***ed up so beware unless your growing for rope making of which these seeds are overpriced even for that purpose. Will follow up with the results in a couple months (Today 9/15 appears as though 2 of the 7 are probably male and 1 may be hermaphrodite tomorrow they will probably be pulled when development shows more, want to be sure cant afford a mistake either way. Spread the word CANNABISSEDS.COM needs to go they have been ripping pot growers off with garbage that should have been thrown away since 1999.   Septiembre 2013 0 1 0 0.33
 Absolutely worthless - a complete waste of money! I ordered 10 White Widow seeds, 6 of them germinated, 4 of the plants grew horribly spindly and tall, whereas 2 of them were short and fat! Problem is I only got one light, so I had to trash the spindly ones and concentrate on the 2 short ones. They didnt look soooo bad, but definitely not White Widow! Anyway when harvest time came I thought oh well, at least I got 2 plants, maybe an ounce and a half each, but boy it was crap smoke - really weak, I was gutted. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE IT IS A SCAM. It even looks like a scam - I cant believe I ever sent them money. They pretend to have a sale all the time. Absolute dogshit - these people must have zero morals. Julio 2013 0 6 6 4.00
 fake seeds from stephen long! seems all his seeds look the same and no breeder packs! i did get my order all the seeds were in small zip lock bags!
i grew his seeds wasted my time and electric inferior seeds ! 59 strains he claims to have but cant say whom the dutch breeder is.very small ammount of information about his seeds on his website!
if you notice all his seeds are flower timed the same as i grew the 8 wks. flower time it went and it took like 12 + weeks to flower his seeds!
poor germantion of his seeds!!
his seeds seem to be all sativas long spindly plants genetics are damm poor!
dont get tricked into the cheep prices of his seeds.
dont buy from or if you do you will get shit for smoke.
  Mayo 2010 0 3 0 1.00

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