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Rhinoseeds Seedbank Review

Pago por: Efectivo, Tarjeta de credito, Cheques, Giro postal
Situado en el Reino Unido (GB).

Valoracion del usuario (5 revisiones)

  • La calidad del producto: 3.33 3.33
  • Velocidad de la entrega: 4.00 4.00
  • Servicio al cliente: 4.60 4.60
  • Impresion General: 3.98 3.98
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SeedFinder Info

Rhinoseeds esta en la lista como "gris" en el SeedFinder. Esto significa que que no tiene mucho informacion acerca de este banco de semillas - que debe tener el objetivo de la facilidad de revisiones o probar por si mismo a su propio riesgo.

Experiencias de usuarios

Usuario Comentarios del usuario Pedido de Fecha Q F S Impresion General
Seeds finally came after 2 months. Paid extra money for tracking but you couldnt track them after they shipped. Seeds never did generate. Sent email to them about this but didnt hear anything back. Will never order from them again!
Estados Unidos Junio 2018 0 1 0 0.33
This was my first ever order with Rhino Seeds and I can already tell that Im not returning to them. This experience was horrible and its not finished yet.

First of all, they charged my Credit Card more money than it said on my order confirmation email.

Second, they charged me this very amount not once, but TWICE. I noticed this around 1 week later and if I wouldnt have mentioned it they wouldnt have said anything.

Third, they sent my package with a delivery option that required a signature, although I asked for the opposite. This resulted into my order being delayed even further and now, more than 3 weeks after I first placed the order Im yet to receive my package.

Their customer support did mean well though as they sent a package of free seeds to me in the meantime to compensate this inconvenience. Unfortunately, this was not was I wanted and it didnt help my initial problem.

After all I have to say that theyre still at the beginning of their journey and they do mean well and they might eventually make it. At this stage, they didnt yet, though and ordering with them is stressful and rather inconvenient.

Cant recommend!

Reino Unido Junio 2016   0 2 1.00
Made my first order at Rhino about a month ago. Seeds I wanted were out of stock so I took their suggestion for a substitute because I didnt want to wait another day or two for them to ship out. They arrived pretty quickly, I had no germ issues, and the new plants look great. Very happy customer right here.
  Diciembre 2015 10 10 10 10.00
No problems, order arrived in a few days. Got some free seeds. Have not germinated any so cant tell quality.
  Abril 2015   9 9 9.00
Placed order with them took them a week to take payment, 2 weeks later im still waiting on my seeds I contact them they say they will send out replaments and then stop replying to my emails. Wouldnt use them again
  Noviembre 2014 0 0 2 0.67

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