SeedPolice Update - New Seedbank list with more functions!

SeedPolice Update - New Seedbank list with more functions!


written by SeedFinder

Post made at Wednesday 29th of May 2013 03:29:11 PM
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SeedPolice Update - New Seedbank list with more functions!

Post made at Wednesday 29th of May 2013 03:29:11 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info, News from the shops.
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Last week we updated our seedbank review area a little bit! Since today our "SeedCops List" for serious and dubious seedbanks and shops is now a little bit more clearly arranged, sortable (finally), and also you will find now some more info about the single shops! Also we prepared are some new otions, as example you now will be able to filter the seedbanks by payment-methods, you can find the actual reduced offers from this shops, and you now can see and read also the single user reviews!

-> Click here to visit the new Seedbank Review Area

Btw... Also the upload area got a small update, you now are able to upload your reviews very simple - and without any registration at our pages! If you made any good or bad experiences with a seed order in the last time, please add your review here, its done in a minute and will help a lots of other growers worldwide! (The Review-Area is now also available in german, spanish and french!) And last but not least - if you are missing a shop in our list - no problem - simply upload the shop-info together with your review and we will add it to the list as soon as possible!

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GreenThmb: al 08.01.2014, 01:04

Great site, thanks for all you’re doing!last edited:at the 08.01.2014, 01:25

guest: al 09.01.2014, 16:46

This is a very helpful site with potential to be magnificent!! Please don’t give up. Keep it going!

dostrander: al 15.02.2016, 23:37

The SeedCops section seems to be a great source of info for finding a legit seed bank.I hope you could include one possible filter type, the ability to filter seed banks that deliver to a specific country.TIA

guest: al 30.06.2018, 13:02

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