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6 Variedades de Cannabis


Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

Zmoothiez Genetics was born 25 years ago out of the passion of a couple in search of the best possible cannabis resin.
They have since become recognized breeders of cannabis strains made for the production of hash.
Their latest genetics are the result of research conducted on varieties collected in California and Oregon in 2015.
They are developed from a strain of Black Indu Kush cultivated for 20 years in the Emerald Triangle;
Zmoothiez Genetics' varieties succeed in combining resin production and terpene explosion.
The smells and flavours of their strains are incredibly fruity while being round and rich like premium hash.
Zmoothiez takes particular care to produce its own varieties, test them indoors and outdoors for several seasons and finally lead the process to the production of hash and extracts.
Zmoothiez can thus guarantee the quality of its seeds before they are released on the market.