Example for the SeedFinder JSON-API :: StrainBrowser/Search

At first...

This is a simple Strainbrowser, including a search-function. If you click on the link Click here to select a strain., the actual breeders and strains will be loaded from the seedfinder, if you have selected a breeder and a strain a info-box will open and show the strain info. You are also able to do a simple search into the strain-names and descriptions!

Test it...

Click here to select a strain.

At last...

...this is very simple and not very well documented, also it's not a very good javascript-code (im not an expert for real), i think its smarter to grab the files with ajax and not like i do here in the example - but as i said - it's only made to show what is possible with this api :) You can use the code, it's working and there are no errors, but better only use this sourcecode for your imagination, i'm sure youre inspirated right now and you will do it better than me ;) Check it out!

How to include this into the own page?

This is simple...

  1. Download this zipped folder sfstrainbrowser, it will contain all files you will need. (The javascript, the css and two small pics.)
  2. Unzip the folder and upload it somewhere onto your server.
  3. Add the following code to the header of your page (between <head> and </head>) (dont forget to change the file-paths/urls here in this code)
  4. Add the following code somewhere to the page (between <body> and </body>) (also change the path/url to the logo sfstrainbrowser/sflogo.gif here in this code)
  5. Thats all!
    If you have registered your domain before into the user-area, you should have a full working strainbrowser now :)