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Nombre: Taiga
Obtentor: Dutch Passion
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Floración: Floración automático
~63 días (Desde la germinación hasta la cosecha.)
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Dutch Passion - Taiga

Cannabis Indica en Canabis Sativa respond to changes in the day/night lightcycle. Depending on the hours of light daily, an Indica or Sativa variety starts to bloom. Auto-flowering varieties in Cannabis however do not respond to the day/night lightcycle. Auto-flowering is only evident in Cannabis Ruderalis.

We work with Ruderalis varieties obtained from the northern latitudes in Russia (Ural/Udmurtia) and Canada. Ruderalis varieties contain no THC. So to make them psycho active they must be hybridized with Sativa’s or Indica’s that contain THC.
The auto-flowering varieties Taiga and Tundra, described below, have a very short life cycle, from seed to bud in two till 2 and a half months. Taiga and Tundra may be sown from early spring to the beginning of August and be ready for harvest from early summer to halfway autumn. Under artificial light, eighteen hours of light during two till two and a half months, is fine to assure a good harvest.
It is not possible to clone autoflowering varieties, because motherplants will flower soon.

Taiga is an hybrid between an auto-flowering Ruderalis/Indica and Power Plant.
From our famous Power Plant gene pool we selected an extreme early flowering female Power Plant. This female we used to produce the female pollen. These pollen we used to fertilze the female Ruderalis/Indica. Taiga grows with big compact buds. The smell and taste are evident Power Plant. Taiga is a very good yielder for such a small plant. Taiga does not ask for a special fertilizing regime, which means that it’s easy to grow. Containers of 1.5 to 2 liters are sufficient to garantee a good harvest. Taiga loves a place in the sun, which she needs for a quality yield. Taiga has a short lifecycle, from seed to bud 8 to 10 weeks.

Height of plants: 50-60 cm
flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks
harvest time outdoor: depending on sowing time.
yield: 25 to 30 grams per plant

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Conocidos Fenotipos:
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1.: corta, compacta, rápida floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo #1
2.: larga, estirada, rápida floración, sativa-dominante Fenotipo #2

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tiempo de la cosecha en exterior o al aire libre o guerrilla: Final de Julio +/- 2 Semanas in CmShα climates.
Produccion / Cantidad Outdoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es muy muy poco.
Impresion General Outdoor: lo tiene todo junto absolutamente ordinaria.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Taiga obtener 3.00 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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