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8 Variedades de Cannabis

Nombre de la variedad Indica o Sativa? En interiores o al aire libre/exteriores? época de floración (días) Feminizaste? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker Usuario-Evaluacion
Afghan Hammer mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Bambata sativa Indoor, Outdoor 58
Bella Ciao mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Green Devil mostly sativa Indoor 58
Shanti Devi indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Shulam mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Yarkoum mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
ZEI indica Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 58

Mas informacion sobre este cultivador:

I discovered hemp cultivation in 1983,with seeds from Thailand, which I planted outdoors. The results didn't prove great at all, but my love for this plant has remained ever since. In 1989, as I was bringing back seeds from Mexico, I had the idea to enhance some of the strains I had been practising with for a number of years. I then collected seeds from various countries, Pakistan, Columbia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Morocco, India, Hawaii, Nepal. I worked on some of these strains, as well as more commercial strains, always with the idea to please myself and to get exactly the strains that would satisfy my requirements. Years later, as I was sharing my results with some friends (who have supported and encouraged me ever since), the idea of establishing the Tikiseedbank germinated in my mind